Meet with our executive team

Nurhussen Yassin, CEO, 40+ years in business ownership and management 


Menbere Getahun, Commercial and Business Development Director, 12+ years experience in sales and marketing, strategy and business development 


Ato Solomon, Deputy General Manager, NHY, More than 30 years experience in Business Management


Ato Mahfuz Nurahmed , Finance Director, 15+ years Finance & Accounting experience


Danny Davis, Head of Marketing and Promotions NHY ,Winter Palace Liquor Distributors MD, Over 20 years experience in world renowned Spirits Business, renowned socialite 

Melat Belayneh, Sales and Marketing Director, 10+ years in marketing and sales

Yeshihareg Mamo, Head of Import and Export, 15+ years of experience in the logistic sector for FMCG

Alem Nega, General Manager, London Cafe & Satellite Restaurant, 12+ years experience in Food and Beverage 


Ato Abebe Hassen, HR & Admin Manager, 33+ in Human Resource Management


Dinkayehu Mekonnen,Legal Compliance Officer, 4+ experience in law